ACT and Region Annual Australian Heritage Partnership Symposium

ACT and Region Annual Australian Heritage Partnership Symposium

ACT and Region Annual Australian Heritage Partnership Symposium 19 July 2014

'The future of heritage'

This Symposium was the biggest and liveliest yet as heritage aficionados grappled with the implications of the draft Australian Heritage Strategy. Additional themes of collections and their management, engaging communities and modern architectural and landscape heritage were also explored. Hosted by: Canberra Archaeological Society, National Trust of Australia (ACT), Canberra and District Historical Society, Institute of Professional Practice in Heritage and the Arts & Significance International. Sponsors: Australia ICOMOS; GML; Eric Martin & Associates.

Click here to see a short interview with 2014 Symposium Convenor Mr Eric Martin and keynote speaker Prof. Laurajane Smith by William Bullock Jenkins about the future of heritage in Australia.

More information about the 2014 Symposium is available on the ANU event Billoard, here.

The program, a summary of the key outcomes of the day and copies of the presentations:


Key Outcomes:


All Heritage is Intangible

Laurajane Smith


Australia’s Heritage Strategy

Jennifer Carter


A Strategy for Australia’s Heritage: will it do the job?

Dr Peter Dowling


Safeguarding our Cultural Inheritance: towards a national heritage strategy

Prof Richard Mackay, AM


Margaret and David approach ‘The Blue Shield’

Detlev Lueth, Diana Richards


ANU Collections Management: a work in progress

Amy Jarvis


Fossil Collections at the ANU: scientific heritage under threat in the National Capital

Gavin Young


Heritage at UC: University of Canberra Collections Committee

Hakim Abdul Rahim, Virginia Mitchell


The Role of Legacy Collections for Scientific Research in the Digital Age: why physical materials still matter

Joanne Daly


Olden Day Innovations: taking objects to communities (OR ‘Connect’: is the way to give heritage a future!)

Elizabeth Burness


Exciting the Next Generation with Local Heritage

Linda Roberts


Remaking the Past in the Present: the case of the new Lambing Flat heritage trail

Alison Moir

Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins: lessons learnt in conserving a heritage listed industrial site

Noel Thomson, Louise Halsey


The Meanings of Places: oral history and heritage in the ACT and region

Mary Hutchison, Penelope Grist


Old Building, New Boilers: the future of heritage in an era of energy efficiency

Edwina Jans, Steve Kopievsky


Geoheritage, Geotourism and Geoeducation: local, regional and national

Doug Finlayson


Stakeholder's Understanding of World Heritage and Tourism: a case study in China



Heritage - WTF*? * = What’s The Future?

Sandy Blair, Tracy Ireland

Panel – WTFH = ‘Where To From Here?’

Jennifer Carter, Director of Heritage Frameworks and Communication; Peter Dowling, Heritage Officer ACNT; Anna Gurnhill, Acting Manager ACT Heritage Unit; Prof Richard Mackay AM, Partner GML Heritage; Prof Laurajane Smith, ANU.

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